We deliver everything from the traditional service including troubleshooting and preventive maintenance to installation and refurbishment of most industrial production equipment.
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Our service engineers have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in troubleshooting from older relay-controlled equipment to modern PLC controls as well as service and maintenance of various motor and engine operations. Our vast knowledge and experience of working with both older and modern equipment is a guarantee for our customers.
We offer electric automation installations.
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A successful installation means happy operating staff. The electrical and mechanical operators in your maintenance department will you will let you know the true return on your investment. If a new investment has not been actioned satisfactory it will show immediately in the units produced. Therefore, the time and cost invested into reviewing and setting expectations on suppliers pays off immediately. Different aspects on project design and its objectives, can increase the accessibility and user friendliness from the start.

We offer commissioning of the total project alternatively at various ownership levels delivering a services that provide exactly the commissioning support required to fulfill your needs.
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Our services range from a completely managed commissioning model, a jointly managed model or coordination of the team where we reinforce your team while you maintain control over the project and provide guidance on project resources from day to day. Our expertise and competence includes:
  • Commissioning: Starting up projects / equipment and IT expertise in our specialty areas. Hardware and software in the PC, PLC, HMI, LAN and WAN environments. We provide a complete from start to finish service.
  • Coordinated deployment of technology: We can act as an extension of your project team, providing the right resources at the right place, at the right times. You retain control of the project and provides instructions on which projects resources needed from day to day.
How we improve the business profit Proven expertise in logistics We handle the requirements of logistics and minimal business disruption, while accelerating deployment of technology. Our teams monitors the implementation of a project and collaborate online via our service management system, sharing documents and status reports. First-class project management With over ten years of experience in implementing hundreds of commissioning of technology, we have achieved a customer satisfaction on our services of 95 percent or more. We use a tailored project management methodology when implementing new infrastructure. Our Project Management Office monitors the progress of the project, while our project managers provide detailed reports. Qualified staff at the right place, on time and at lower cost Since the commissioning of technology is one of our core competencies, your staff can remain focused on their main tasks while we perform our job. Through our proven processes, we can weed out, hire and retain the sharpest IT skills in each local market we operate in thus designing projects across geographically dispersed and logistically complex installation sites. In our integration process we look to establish an understanding of the existing operational processes to then form a working team that smoothly fits into the environment. Flexibility and project responsibility Your business is important to us and we are committed to work with you to generate good business results for your company. We customize our work style to fit our customers. As the project process evolves we adapt to the latest project needs, providing solutions and resources to move forward. You can rely on us to deliver high performance and proven methods, we keep our word and are accountable for the outcome.
ACG Kinna Automatic AB is a complete partner for all types of electrical systems.
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Our equipment exists in a variety of applications worldwide. Our customer base varies from SMEs to large corporations. Some examples are systems for demanding industries such as the food industry, high-end specialty machines, textile manufacturing, marine, hydropower, inspection and control systems for large engines. Through joint cooperation with our customers and from a long term perspective, we have developed products that meet today's requirements for security and information technology. All working units are certified, we can supply quality-assured equipment according to UL. Our way of working is very customer-focused and flexible, we are organized with a dedicated client team, ensuring quick decision making and full responsibility to our client. This means we can accept assignments with short lead times yet meet high expectations on flexibility and delivery reliability.
  • Prototyping.
  • Series-produced products, ranging from small to large series.
  • Project produced devices, small and large projects.
  • Managing projects to cost-reducing products and systems.
Electrical engineering and automation are an integrated part from the start-up phase of our assignments and projects.
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It allows for the machine design to emerge together with the mechanical design. In the field of Electrical engineering and automation all the solutions for drives and functions are developed and stems from the electrical area. We perform electrical designs from concept to commissioning. It may involve control systems or power supply. We also produce drawings, user manuals, instructions and documentation. We have long experience of the most used design tools.
Programming / systems design of PLC, operator stations, process-related IT, drives etc.
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HMI and SCADA systems are very much our playing field. For large systems, we usually apply Citect, WinCC or iFix all of which are PC-based. For smaller systems we often apply OP panels. We can also deliver network solutions between the HMI and SCADA systems with different types of databases for the collection of process data, for example against a MS SQL server. Our strength is that we have great experience in industrial communication with various communication protocols such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet and others. Therefore, we can perform integration with business systems, production software, or MES / OEE solutions. Everything from the relay compensation on single machines to advanced programming of entire processes. We carry out exchanges, conversions, or creation of all types of process control and monitoring. We hold the Excellence of PLCs for Siemens Mitsubishi.
PLC & machine upgrades.
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A plant's mechanical lifespan is usually considerably longer than the lifespan of the electrical and control systems. We have over the years updated most types of machines and processes. It is always possible to upgrade old equipment with new control system.
Are you thinking of hiring consultants?
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Is your business facing a skills shortage or is the necessary experience and expertise is not available internally? Or do you need to staff a project? Maybe you want to increase profitability by optimizing skills utilization? You've come to the right place. Let us at ACG Kinna Automatic AB provide you with the right skills and competencies. We have a vast offer to the market and provides consultants of the highest caliber. We are a local as well as nationwide consulting provider delivering expertise and complete solutions regardless of location and time frame.
ACG Kinna Automatic AB develops interfaces for various industry solutions.
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Vision systems are widely used for quality assurance and online control of products. When vision technology arrived in the industry, we felt that the technology was relatively easy to absorb, compared with applications previously available in the industry. However, a lot has happened since that time, the technique which was regarded relatively easy back then, is today even more manageable. The products have gone from feeling very heavy to feeling as if you are handling a regular computer - both in terms of design, functionality to user friendliness. Taking the step to integrate, Vision systems in one’s production has never been more straight forward. There are a number of companies on the market who manufactures Vision systems.