Anders Gullberg

Manager Electrical Department Engineer/Programmer/Seller

Office +46 320 71 52 75

Phone +46 709-81 70 78

Magnus Nilsson

Electrical/Software engineer

Office/Phone +46 724 02 46 55

Anders Bohman

Electrical technician

Office +46 320 20 54 83

Phone +46 720-80 44 01

Katja Pyttynen

Finance officer

Office/Phone +46 320 20 54 87

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Part of our environmental policy is to deliver whilst taking into account the price, performance and the impact on environment, making it the best options in automation. In order to clarify the breadth and depth of our commitment, we have established the following points:

- We shall comply with applicable laws, regulations, contracts and guidelines.
- We must continually try to reduce our use of products and services that have a negative environmental impact.
- We must continually work to improve our environmental expertise and encourage employees to an increased environmental awareness.